Fighting For Sustainable Energy

Notre Dame Professor Peter C. Burns works toward recycling nuclear waste into clean energy to help meet the demands for energy around the globe.

Flip a switch, turn a dial or start an engine and it’s there. Energy is a nearly constant presence for many of us, powering our daily routines so we can keep our lives running smoothly.

But its importance goes beyond comfort and convenience; in developing areas around the world, energy sustains life and brings hope, making it an invaluable resource in places where it’s needed most. At the same time, it is imperative that we protect the Earth and conserve its natural assets.

That’s why a sustainable energy solution is so essential. At Notre Dame, we are studying new ways to produce clean energy that won’t pollute the environment.

At Notre Dame’s Energy Frontier Research Center, led by Peter C. Burns, Massman Chair and Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences, researchers are laying the scientific groundwork for fundamental advances in such areas as solar energy, biofuels, clean coal and nuclear energy.

Fighting for Sustainable Energy; it's one more battle Notre Dame’s faculty and students couldn't wage without your support. Thank you.