Fighting For Ethical Leadership

Mendoza College of Business MBA students learn self-awareness and core values that will guide them in being a force for good in the rapidly changing business world.

Over the last two years, our nation has been rocked by a financial crisis that has cost people their jobs, retirement accounts, and homes, and left many looking for answers. How could this happen? Who is responsible? And how can we move forward and ensure that we never go down this road again?

At Notre Dame, we are committed to exploring questions like these and working toward solutions. Rooted in the conviction that business should be a force for good, theMendoza College of Business is educating leaders with powerful perspectives based on strong ethics and values, the principles on which successful companies are built.

The Notre Dame’s Executive Integral Leadership Program is both a signature component of the Executive MBA and an open enrollment program that offers high-level business leaders an intensive week of personal and professional development.

Fighting for Ethical Leadership; it's one more battle Notre Dame’s faculty and students couldn't wage without your support. Thank you.