Fighting For Catholic Education

Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education serves under-resourced schools and at-risk children in places like south central Los Angeles where hope is often scarce.

Imagine a world without Catholic schools. A world without the vital social, academic and religious contributions these institutions make to our families, our neighborhoods, and our lives. Sadly, for many communities, this scenario is all too real as Catholic schools across the country struggle and close due to financial hardship and lack of resources.

At Notre Dame, we believe Catholic schools are worth fighting for.

In response to a need for skilled teachers and school leaders, the University of Notre Dame founded ACE, the Alliance for Catholic Education. Since 1994, the ACE program has trained and placed hundreds of educators into needy Catholic schools all over the United States.

These educators have strengthened Catholic schools in the United States through teacher and principal preparation and other initiatives aimed at saving these invaluable resources.

Fighting for our Catholic education; it’s one more battle Notre Dame’s faculty and students couldn't wage without your support. Thank you.